Snippets from Scotland

I'll be studying in Scotland for a semester. I like rain puddles, taking pictures, and mail. I think it'll be a good fit.

Aberdeen and the Coastal Trail

I really like Stirling. It’s a beautiful place, right in the middle of Scotland.  But one thing it’s missing then, is the coastline.  Which provides a major flaw in my Scottish experience if I don’t make it to a few beaches.  Enter Aberdeen.  

Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland, right up on the northeast coast. Called the Granite City or Grey City, it is also known for fishing and shipbuilding. While visiting we went to a few museums, the Gordon Highlanders Museum which taught me more than I’ve ever known about the Scottish military, and the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, a delightful exploration of all things sea related.  I especially like the model ships and stories about lighthouses.

Although Aberdeen was a fun little place, my favorite part was the drive up there and back. The scenery along the coastline is unreal.  Uncle Karl was kind enough to humor me a few times and allow me to hop out and get a few photos, but they don’t really do the landscape justice.  On the way back we stopped at this charming little riverside restaurant outside of Dundee, which was a perfect way to sit and relax, as well as enjoy some more incredible views.  

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